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Our Team: James Rae

CEO, Viron Therapeutics Inc.

Mark Goldberg

Mr. James Rae has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, marketing, financial, human resource and R & D operations of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. He is experienced in raising funds and financing from public, private and government sectors.

Mr. Rae is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., President and CEO of Viron Therapeutics Inc., and President and founder of Remedis, a consultancy specializing in the restructuring and financing of health care businesses. Career highlights also include: President and CEO of Cangene; Chairman and CEO of Vaxis Therapeutics Inc.; Chairman and CEO of Resolution Pharmaceuticals; and CEO of Cytochroma Inc.

Mr. Rae is the Chairman of Queen’s Scientific Breakthrough Fund and holds directorships in a number of Canadian biotech companies.

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